Travelicious Writing: Real or a Scam?

Travelicious World Writers are sourced and managed by an external agency. Their system makes the whole concept of Travelicious World possible, but they can only work by having specific requirements from writers. Those requirements often lead to misunderstandings and sometimes negative comments online about how the programme works.  To address these issues we have asked the manager of Writers.Agency to give more explanation about how it all works.

What is Writer’s Agency?

We are a content marketing agency.  We find clients who need content for their websites or social media, and connect them with writers we feel would match their needs.  Once we have a writer in our database they can also be seen by other clients who might be looking for skills they have mentioned in their profile.


Real Writers with Real Experience

We aim to source writers with real-life knowledge about our clients’ topic so that they can write faster and with more insight than a ‘generic writer’ who researches the topic (via google) before writing.  This also gives a more unique and valuable result for our clients – as they aren’t paying just for existing information to be taken from search results and reworded.

We source writers from specific demographics to suit our client’s project.


Writing and Social Media

As well as being paid for their work – our writers are generally credited at the bottom of all their published articles.  This means that both parties will benefit from the success of an article and so both should be motivated to promote the articles on their social channels. It also ties in with the fact that Facebook is increasingly becoming the primary way to verify someone’s background, so knowing our writers are genuine people helps a lot when it comes to them being accountable for their work, following copyright and plagiarism rules etc.

Social media is an easy way to boost traffic to our articles so the client is happier.


WordPress Experience

Our writers are required to setup and maintain their own website / blog using WordPress and Cpanel.  These systems are used by almost every publisher / client we have.  Making our writers familiar with these systems is crucial for them to understand the client’s needs. It’s also great for the writers because a Self-Hosted WordPress site, some content and internet marketing is pretty much all you need to start making a passive income online.

Affiliate Marketing, Google Ads, Direct Ads, Sponsored Posts, Paid Reviews, Flipping (Build & Sell) Websites, Member Forums, Ebooks, Online Courses, Webinars…

WordPress skills are essential to making money online.



How does it work for Writers?


1. Setup your Blog

Before you can start work you need to setup a blog.  There’s many reasons why this is necessary, and why we require it to be done in a very specific way.  In short it’s because without this step we would be inundated with fake accounts, or writers who were previously banned (for plagiarism) signing up with new accounts. You can read all the reasons why in the document but the short answer is that it is 100% necessary.

You only need to do this once in order to work for any of our clients.


2. Complete your First Job

You can write your first job for the client as soon as your blog is setup and approved.  After you submit, it will be reviewed by our internal review team.  They will look at the structure, search engine relevance, spelling & grammar and other technical aspects.  They do not make any judgements about the article content or writing style.  If your article is rejected you can correct it and resubmit. Your article is not to be published on your blog, it will be published on the client’s website. You will be paid via Paypal (on Friday).

A link to your blog will be included at the bottom of the article.


3. Training & More Work

You can apply for more work as soon as your first job is complete. We have many different clients and they all have different needs and priorities when choosing writers.  Some want specific subject knowledge, some want high volume of readers, while some just want pretty much any topical content in a hurry. If the client is looking for readers / traffic they will probably wait a little while after your first article to see how many readers it attracts. You should not sit back and wait for more work to come, there is plenty you can do to increase your chances of success.

Our training teaches you how to build, market and make money from your own blog.

We don’t believe in making people learn things just for the sake of learning.  That’s why all of our training is dedicated to having you build your blog and its audience.  One day you might come back and hire some of our writers to write for you. To increase your chances getting more writing work from our publishers you should do these three things…


a) Share your articles to boost the reader count.

In most cases, your writing is not judged based on literary talent but by how many readers it gets.  Nobody pays to place an advertisement on an article just because it’s well written  That’s why you are given instructions on how to boost the reader count of your articles by sharing it on social media etc. This is a very valuable skill to have when promoting your own blog so this step can be considered part of training.  A few shares on Facebook can be the difference between ongoing work, or nothing.

If your first article attracts a lot of traffic, the client will probably ask for another one.



b) Make sure your profile is complete.

We also have clients that do not make their jobs visible – they are looking for a very specific subject knowlege and are less concerned with reader volume.  In that case they will search for certain skills and qualifications in the users’ profile.

Your profile information shows up when clients are searching for writers with specific skills.




c) Build your Blog

Your blog belongs to you and it should be treated like a long-term investment.  Our training will show you how to build your blog and audience.  There’s a good reason we insist you build your blog on a domain name that you own – because all the content & traffic you build up while doing our training & practicing new skills will be owned by you.  You can make money from advertising, or sell the domain (and the content you added to it) in future.  There’s a million ways to make money with your own website – we just hope you will hire some of our writers when you start to make enough money to outsource!

Your profile links to your blog, so make sure its impressive. 





Why do people say its a scam?


They don’t understand our risks …

All day, every day we have to deal with people who think this :

“$40 per article and you don’t need any experience, you just fill in an application form. I can sign up and hire people on to write the articles for for $5 each… do it 100 times and make $3,500 dollars a week! Money for nothing!  If they block me I can just create new accounts with fake names because you don’t need any experience. If they ask to see any history I’ll just find someone else’s blog and use their information.  If they block me I’ll tell everyone its a scam.”

So we have had to adapt our systems continuously, hire extra staff, manually review applications and facebook profiles etc to protect our clients.  If we lose clients, writers lose jobs.  Writers are also given access to upload files to our servers,  we link to their sites etc. This isn’t a game, this is business.  Still, some people refuse to accept that and they want to complain when we won’t ‘make an exception’ for them.

Our system is designed to protect our paying clients… it’s not 100% for your convenience.


They expect success to be guaranteed …

We give everyone a chance, we accept people with no experience – provide detailed instructions, training & support –  pay for your articles even if nobody reads them.  But if you sit around doing nothing as soon as you get paid instead of taking an interest in developing your own skill – you won’t get more work.  Our training is a practical exercise that shows you how to build your own blog (which you own) with the goal of turning it into a money-making website.  If that doesn’t motivate you then what does?  Why should our clients keep paying for your writing if its not worth putting on your own blog?

You are given an opportunity, ongoing success is up to you.


They are just negative people …

You have a glass and someone fills it up half way. Are you happy because it’s half full?  Or are you mad cause it’s half empty?  We might not be offering the easy job you hoped for – but we are offering a great opportunity to learn new skills and make money while you do it.  Everyone gets paid regardless of success … it’s not a ‘scam’.  If you don’t want to take part thats okay  – instead of hanging around complaining maybe you should be doing something more productive than trolling our facebook ads.

**This person is not one of our writers.  They signed up, but setting up a blog was too much effort.

 If your writing is worth our clients paying for, why isn’t it worth putting on a blog of your own?


What do I need a blog for?


To show your freelance work…

When people read your articles on the client’s website, or when they view your profile on Writers Agency they see a link to the website you setup.  From there they should be able to see everything that makes you a great writer, and they can decide whether you are right for their project.

Display your commercial writing skills and previous work.


As a place to be creative with your writing…

Paid writing work is rarely an open, creative exercise. As a passionate writer you probably have a lot more to write about than just the commissioned topics publishers will pay for. You blog is a place to express yourself in a noncommercial way for the world to see what you are capable of.

Show off your creative writing skills with an open brief.


To demonstrate that you know how to use WordPress.

Almost all of our clients websites are built using WordPress (not  If you can show them that you maintain your own wordpress blog it will be a big plus if they want you to work on theirs.

Show our clients how well you can build a WordPress site.


As a long term project…

Our clients mostly began as single-person / independent websites or blogs.  They built up their content over time and as advertising revenue began to increase they were able to outsource more and more of their work.  Eventually they were able to leave the sites running and make a passive income without doing any work.  This should be your goal too, and having your own blog is the first step towards it.

You can money from your blog traffic & followers with advertising.


Why can’t I use an existing blog?


We don’t have the resources to check ownership…

There are thousands of domain registrars and hosting systems, as well as domain privacy – and hundreds of fake accounts applying every month.  So it’s very hard for us to confirm who owns a website unless we do some in-depth investigation.  We don’t have the money to hire staff to investigate every case.  Its a problem we can only solve by requiring new blogs for all writers.

We would need a team of full-time staff to check all the submissions.


Because it discourages time wasters.

Every interaction costs us money. We have to pay for staff, hosting, email systems etc and it all adds up. When people who are looking for ways to exploit our system see that there is a barrier to entry for each account (setting up a new blog) they usually leave us alone instead of asking a bunch of questions, creating fake accounts and wasting our time.

It must be clear that there is no opportunity for scammers.


Because this is not guest posting.

Guest posting is where you get to post your work on a website and include a link to your site. This costs the writer of the article money because they are getting promotion, traffic and the link to their site can help in google search results.  When people see that we are offering to pay people to post on our client’s sites and there is a link included – they think they have hit the jackpot. These people are just trying to gain benefit (as well as money) from our system and we need to prevent this from happening.

We aren’t paying you for something that usually costs you money.


What if you have an established blog already…

That’s great, but in that case our clients’ are be in competition for the same readership. They don’t want to pay to promote your website by linking to it from the bottom of their articles. We make it clear in the ad that this job is ‘no experience necessary’. We aren’t looking for established / professional bloggers.  If you’ve already been through the process before, it should be easy to do it again.

We can’t risk linking our clients to anyone they consider a competitor.


If you have a VPS or Dedicated Server to setup WordPress…

If you’re at the level of managing your own servers you are probably familiar with redirection etc and we would question whether you really want an entry-level writing job, or whether you are looking to promote an existing website.  Either way we don’t have the resources to check so we need you to follow the same process as everyone else.

For all the same reasons above…


Because you should experiment with WordPress.

We want people to have new blogs because our training follows a process that might interfere with your existing site.  You should play around with WordPress, install plugins, try new things and generally this isn’t something you should do with a site you have already invested a lot of time into.

WordPress plugins and themes can cause conflicts with each other.


Why do we need to setup the blog in a specific way?


Why can’t I just use a free blog?

With a free blog, you get a website address and the tools to build it but you don’t own what you build.  The company owns your blog.  If you want to base your professional career building blogs for free, why would any of our clients pay you to do it for them?  You need to own your domain so that you own the content you add to your site, and you need to use your own installation of WordPress on cpanel hosting so that you have the relevant skills to work for our clients.

You don’t own the content on a free blog.


It shows us who follows instructions…

People who think instructions are open to be changed according to their own judgement have a tendency to also make their own judgements on other issues such as copyright & plagiarism – which can cost our clients thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Instructions are not a guide.

People who don’t follow instructions are a liability to our clients.


Godaddy has the best support.

We advertise for people with no experience, because our objective is to find people with real professional experience and teach them the web stuff – not to be another avenue for people to promote their own brands. If you’re some kind of web expert maybe godaddy isn’t ideal for you but if you’re just starting out they are the cheapest and provide the best support. I’ve built hundreds of sites and I use godaddy for all my domains and every time I’m able to call on the phone and get the problem solved immediately.

One of the only global web-hosting companies with phone support.


Godaddy has the cheapest starter package.

This is an indisputable fact.  Godaddy’s $1 per month (with a free domain) is the cheapest package available that includes the tools you need : a domain, cpanel hosting and wordpress installation.

The cheapest all-inclusive way to setup a hosted WordPress site.


Your referrals pay our expenses…

Many people act like they have caught us in some devious scheme because of this.  Yes, Godaddy pay us a commission for referring people to them.  The entire internet works on referalls, bonuses, payments for traffic.  That’s a big reason why you should want your own website.  Besides – if we didn’t get a referral payment, we would have to charge membership fees.  Almost every web-hosting company has referral bonuses – our decision to use Godaddy is based on their prices and support. They allow us to pay for our servers, email systems, developers, and support staff.

Whoever we recommend would pay a referral.  This doesn’t influence the choice.



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