In this task you will provide a 1000+ word article written following the instructions in the writing guide provided. When approved, the article will be published with your writer profile / credits on our homepage and shared to our social media channels.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms govern your performance of this task and are requisite to your payment. If you violate any of the following terms you will be banned from all writing programmes.

You must provide 100% Original Content

You wll not copy any content to or from this article before, or after publication.  This includes copying the content from other sources, or using the content for any other purpose after it has been submitted.  Such violation of copyright may result in legal action, and at the least a dispute of your Paypal payment.

We manually check all articles for plagiarism.

By accepting this job you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

This article is for publication on our website only. We credit you as the author, and pay you for your work - but you may not in any circumstances publish the same article on your own website. You will be given instructions on the correct way to link to your article from your website after publication.

If you ignore this - a paypal dispute will be initiated to cancel your payment, and your article will be removed from our site.

  • View the Writing Guide
  • Create your Article
  • Write and Add Content
  • Save your work
  • Select a Featured Image
  • Submit your Article for Review
Use the form below to write your article. Once ready - submit it and we will have our editing team review your submission.  If its approved you will recieve payment and new instructions.

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