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We are currently looking for people all over the world to work for us as freelance Travel Writers. You do not need to be travelling – you can write travel guides about the place you live. We have various levels of pay-per-article and the signup process is very simple.



Payment via Paypal, on Fridays.

> Each article is 1000+ words.

> Writing must be in English.

> Work from anywhere, anytime.

> Become a published writer

> Start a career as a freelance writer.

* All Prices Shown are in $AUD


Have your own Blog?

If you already have a blog or website with content, social media pages and traffic please click the button below to submit your site via the Writers Agency form.

Don't have a Blog?

Through our sponsorship and training you can get paid while you learn how to build your own blog and become a professional freelancer. We also publish and share your articles to our social media channels giving you full credits as the author to boost your exposure from day one.

To assist you further and to ensure that all our writers are of a professional standard we have partnered with The Writers Academy to provide our writer management and training.


Make money while you Learn

As soon as you start training you will be able to write your first job, which will be published on our site and linked to the blog you are building as part of your training.

Gain massive exposure from your very first job...

When an article is published on our website - it is syndicated automatically to our social media channels.  Your article will be seen and read - by hundreds or even thousands of people.


We give all of our writers a full bio-line and a link to their own website, so that any interested parties can see more of your writing and contact you through your website.



Professional Training

All writers receive a full professional training course with The.Writers.Academy which will cover the essential skills you need to be a professional freelance writer.

Wordpress, Social Media, Marketing, SEO, PPC & More

  You will also end the course having built your own fully monetized and professional blog.


+ Build your own Professional Freelance Blog

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Google Search Engine Marketing

+ Paid Commissions and Advertising

 + Paid Sponsored Posts

+ Joining Freelancer Agencies & Getting Hired

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Sign in to Apply...

To ensure the authenticity of our writers, and to avoid spammers and scammers - we ask you to sign up using facebook. Please rest assured you are not sharing with us anything other than your public details.



How do I apply?


If you are an established freelance writer...

Apply directly via the Writers Agency website.  We use this agency to hire established freelance writers.

If you don't have experience...

Our training resources will teach you everything you need to know about being a freelance writer and blogger.

You should be able to see a 'Sign in to Apply' heading directly above the FAQ, and a Facebook login button.  If you cannot see the button, please check your brower and plugins to make sure it is not being blocked.

Once you have applied you will be sent a response within 48 hours.

We reply to everyone. If you haven't received a response, its possible the email has just gone into another folder of your mailbox. Some mail systems flag topics related to job offers as spam and gmail especially puts many job related emails into the Promotions tab.

  Please do not apply if your goal is just to make some 'easy money' !

People who just apply with the intention of making some easy money will be disappointed as they will not be invited for further work after the first article.  If you are not already an established freelancer writer, you must make an effort to advance your freelance through the training course provided at Writers Academy.


Why do I need Facebook?

If you don't want to be active on social media, you should reconsider being a freelance writer. To join our program you must have an active Facebook account.  After you get started you can create Facebook pages to promote and build your audience under your 'brand' name rather than your personal account.


Can I write anonymously?

You can write under a 'pseudonym' or nickname that is not your real name... but we ask that you make some effort to promote your own work. That means sharing your work on social media etc. You can do this without revealing your personal identity by using Facebook Pages.

Who owns my work?

As a freelancer, you are self employed. We don't have any rights or ownership over anything except the articles we pay you to write. You are free to work for anyone else, and we encourage you to get your work published in as many places as possible. Our training course even helps you to sign up for other writing programs and find more freelance work.

How do I write the articles?

For most jobs you can choose the topic, so you can write about something you know well without having to do any research. This way you can produce 1000 words in less than an hour. Once you submit your article it will be reviewed- but we don't really examine the content / topic too much as the article is credited to you as the author. You are free to express yourself how you please.

What if my article isn't approved?

When you submit your article, it will be reviewed by our team within 48 hours. If there are any problems we give you feedback and you can edit the article again. Our review focuses mostly on 'formatting' to ensure your writing is meeting the technical standards for online publishing. We don't edit the topical content of your articles, we let our readers decide for themselves.

How and when do I get paid?

Payments are sent every Friday at about 6pm (Sydney, Australia). All payments are sent via PayPal and you must have a Paypal account to receive your payment.

What if I dont have PayPal?

We are continuously working on improving our writing platform and this includes providing more options for payment. However, PayPal is the only option at this time. It's free and widely available. Try everything possible to get a paypal account, if you can't open one in your country then perhaps you can ask a friend.


How many articles per week can I write?

Once your first article is published we will be able to see how readers reacted to your writing. From there you will be offered more work based on various criteria. The best thing to do is get started, try your best and take it from there.

Can you make an exception to these rules for me?

No! Please do not email us requests for us to make an exception, or change the system for you. We have a lot of people to manage, and we are setup to follow a specific process, which we cannot change.

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