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Travelicious Awards 2017: Best Hotels in World.

Our hotel review team is currently working their way through World and will report back soon with a comprehensive list of the top hotels for your trip.

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Best Places to Visit in World.

If you are planning a visit to World any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Singapore on a budget

Singapore is one of the most modern and safest places to go in Asia. When arriving at Changi airport, you can already see it is very modern, organized and efficient. I was stunned to see that [...]

Four days in Italy (Part I )

I was thinking about this trip for months ago, so when I decided to buy me a fly ticked, I did it in January. At the time, I found a cheap flight, only for 50€ (59.41 US dollar). I arrived at the [...]

Park City, USA: Summertime

  Welcome to Park City, Utah, well known for all of the ski and snowboarding resorts that it has to offer throughout the winter. Park City is located just 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City [...]

Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa

A Glimpse of South Africa From my experience, most people don’t seem to really know a whole lot about from South Africa. When they hear the words “South Africa” the only thing them seem to have [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Barcelona

Freddie Mercury couldn’t have sung it better: “Barcelona – Such a beautiful horizon/ Barcelona – Like a jewel in the sun/ Something in Spanish, Something in Spanish/ Viva [...]

5 Interesting Places to go in Masbate

Masbate has been gaining popularity locally and internationally because of the Rodeo Festival held every April. Aside from this annual event, there are other interesting places to go to explore [...]

Flying Solo in Albay

Several issues can arise when you are a female traveling alone in an unfamiliar place. The probability of getting mugged or falling ill can spark the worst horror stories on the road. However, it [...]

Chicago: The Magnificent Mile

 What is The Magnificent Mile The Magnificent Mile, as its name implies, is truly a magnificent sight to behold. Its title is used to describe a North and South 13 block strip on Michigan Avenue [...]

Getting your Nature Fix in Dubin

If you have ever thought of traveling to Dublin or even if you’re exploring there now, I hope that you’re already familiar with some of the well-known spots in town. Places like Grafton Street, [...]

Tour Tel Aviv by Markets

Do you want to discover the many diverse sides of Tel Aviv, learn your way around the city, and sample a taste (literally!) of every style, culture, color, and food that this beautiful city has [...]

Hong Kong: New Territories

Hong Kong can be a daunting location to visit, as it presents many logistical challenges, especially for Westerners, as many Asian countries do, but one need not be intimidated by the language [...]

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