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Travelicious Awards 2017: Best Hotels in Portugal.

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Best Places to Visit in Portugal.

If you are planning a visit to Portugal any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Three days in Lisbon

Arrival to Lisbon It was 3rd of February and I got the best birthday gift ever: a flight ticket to Lisbon. Why Lisbon? I got a scholarship to study and live in the next six months in Porto.  I [...]

Time Out in Lisbon

As a Flight Attendant, I always visit vibrant cities with at least 1 million people around me. Although I do like to be surrounded by tourists and locals with each their own story to live, I also [...]

Try to feel Lisbon

Have you ever been in Portugal? This summer i have luck and visit this fantastic country! Country, which situated in western part of Europe, was my little dream for a long time, but finally i [...]

Anchoring at Cascais

Arrival It was 02:30 in the morning when I dropped the anchor amongst other boats at the anchorage at Cascais. The night was dark; it was close to new moon, only the street lights from ashore, [...]

Portugal beyond Lisboa

Porto Cabo da Roca Sintra Cascais Estoril It all begins with low fare tickets Starting with May 22, 2016 Wizzair started flying really low cost to Lisboa twice a week. That’s a really good [...]

Palace of Pena

Palacio da Pena Sintra – Portugal Visiting the Palace of Pena is a nice option for a sunny day as they are in Portugal. Alone, with family or friends, you’ll be amazed by the beauty [...]

Lisbon by E-bike

There was something not quite right. As I looked out my hotel window I saw them – solid and unforgiving. I’m travel weary and my feet hurt. How am I going to do this?  I flick through the city [...]