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Travelicious Awards 2017: Best Hotels in Italy.

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Best Places to Visit in Italy.

If you are planning a visit to Italy any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

Venice: A solo trip

As everyone knows, Venice is a truly unique city enchanting its visitors with water streets, great history and culture. It’s also very romantic – tempting nocturnal strolls, providing [...]

Romancing in fair Verona

                                                               Verona, city of love Rome might be the eternal city, but in fair Verona I lay my scene.  Even though they say ‘you haven’t […]

Rome: Off The Beaten Path

Rome is one hell of a city but I’m going to be straight forward with you: if your best plan is to see Colosseum, Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi, you better stay home, order some pizza, watch The [...]

A day in Ancona, Italy

Ancona is a small town located on the coast of Italy in the Marche region. We arrived there mid afternoon by ship and although the harbor doesn’t immediately strike the most picturesque chord, [...]

Living in the Dolomites

Could these be the most majestic mountains in the world? I have never in my years travelling the world truly had my breathe taken away from me after stopping just for a second to take in the [...]

Venice mythbusters

Venice mythbusters In a recent article that I red on a venetian newspaper, there are a lot of bad reviews about Venice, most of those are exaggerated or, even worse, silly and misleading. In this [...]

Cities of Italy

Basic Information Italy is a country with so much to offer! There are loads of lovely cities to visit with so much history to take in. With Rome being the countries capital, it’s a good city to [...]

Magical Venice

My first visit to Venice I spent my days just walking for hours on end in the sharp ice wind because naturally I found myself in this extraordinary city in winter! Each step I took, each turn of [...]