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Travelicious Awards 2017: Best Hotels in Germany.

Our hotel review team is currently working their way through Germany and will report back soon with a comprehensive list of the top hotels for your trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Germany.

If you are planning a visit to Germany any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

A Weekend In Berlin

Berlin has always been my favourite European city, having  now visited twice in the winter and once in the summer. It is the perfect city for a weekend away, with cheap flights leaving from most [...]

Berlin in 48 Hours

Weekend in Berlin (April 14-16, 2016) Berlin has always been high up on my European city bucket list. It is perhaps one of the most unique European capitals that I have visited where the recent [...]

24 hours in Berlin

Berlin, short and sweet. What happens when you live in Germany but work Monday-Friday? Weekend trips. After only living in Germany for two months now I’ve been able to see a fair amount of [...]

The Berliner Life

The Berliner Life Berlin is the city that never sleeps, like New York, so this is the reason why this vibrant and amazing german city is called “The European New York”. I lived in Berlin for [...]