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India Road Trip

Introductory Have you ever considered driving around one of the biggest countries of the world? Like China, Russia, the USA or… India? My boyfriend and I spent one month driving in India, [...]

A getaway guide to Gir

Life is all about experiences, and travelling to different places is one sure way to gain them. One such experience that I was looking forward to, was Sasan Gir. One of India’s oldest sanctuaries [...]

The Edible Mumbai

I love Mumabi for its food. You name it and you get. Fine dine, street food, budget meals, cafes, lunch homes, boardings (a local name for eateries that serve budget meals with a fixed menu) and [...]

Dance away with Mumbai

The grandeur city “The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed” – Julian Sands   Ask any Indian about Mumbai and you can watch him mumble for words. So [...]

The Great Himalayas!

Eco Tourism in ‘The Great Himalayas!’ The panoramic view of the mother earth always fascinates me. The crisp sound of chirping birds, the freshness of cool flowing waters of the [...]

Kashmir : Heaven of India

Kashmir predominantly known as “jannat“, or heaven. The valley – as Kashmir is commonly known – accommodate paradisaical images. Any glimpse you go by once, your eyes will dream to cherish them [...]


GOA- A FUN LOVER’S PARADISE BIG BREAK!: Being an Indian, Goa means “THE BIG BREAK” for me. Its everything a perfect getaway should offers the chance to unwind and laze as a beach bum, to [...]

My First Time in Goa

Introduction: It took my companion and me around 14 hours of bus travel to reach Panjim from Hyderabad. After a rest stop at Jadcherla for dinner, passing over the mighty Krishna River that went [...]

India: Alone as a woman?

Why I love India India is unpredictable, chaotic and overwhelming. I found myself as deeply overwhelmed by despair as never before, found myself laughing till the air around me seemed to fade and [...]

Mumbai : An emotion

 Mumbai : City of Humanity At times it happens that you get so attached to something and become so habitual to it that if you are staying away from it for some days then you start missing it. The [...]