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Bermuda on a Budget

I’ve been to Bermuda a few times over the past few years as part of my time on cruise ships and it is a gorgeous little island. However it can also be quite expensive, so here is a little [...]

India Road Trip

Introductory Have you ever considered driving around one of the biggest countries of the world? Like China, Russia, the USA or… India? My boyfriend and I spent one month driving in India, [...]

Three days in Lisbon

Arrival to Lisbon It was 3rd of February and I got the best birthday gift ever: a flight ticket to Lisbon. Why Lisbon? I got a scholarship to study and live in the next six months in Porto.  I [...]

Tokyo Food Guide

Tokyo Food Guide If you are a lover of sushi, consider yourself a foodie, or if you’re just looking to try something new, Tokyo is the perfect destination for you. With restaurants of every [...]

Travel-guide: Peru

The many reasons to go to Peru Peru is an amazing country with so many adventures to offer. Peru has got everything: The diversity in nature with the long coastline, the lush valleys, deep [...]